Emily and Dawson's Mommy & Me at Hayswood Nature Reserve

These are the images I've always wanted for myself and I feel like every mom has. It's not often we get candid images of ourselves with our children. Most of the time, it seems like Mom's aren't even in the pictures at all! I constantly ask my husband to take random images of me with the kids, and he tries, but to be honest he just doesn't think about it. My favorite images are the authentic ones. Mom gazing at her perfect little guy, tiny little hands placed so perfectly, cuddles, giggles, and drooly kisses. Dawson trying to stand up and Emily lifting him into the air when he just wouldn't stop running off. This session wasn't "posed" and we didn't use props (except the eggs Dawson just had to have haha). These are real moments of these two interacting at the park, and how beautiful is that?