Boudoir Marathon in New Albany Indiana

Valentines Day is tomorrow so I thought I should probably get around to blogging about my boudoir marathon. This marathon was held at an Air BNB located in New Albany, Indiana. My host Aberlyn is an artist and her home really showcases that! Not only was the house very beautiful but it also had tons of space so each of my ladies attending had plenty of variety for their individual personalities. MUA Izzy Nolan came out and glammed up all my girls making sure they all looked and felt beautiful. Izzy is also located in the New Albany area and works at the MAC counter in the Green Tree Mall. I highly suggest checking out her Instagram and giving her a follow @izzyfoshizzy . Understandably, most of my boudoir clients opt to remain private but I do have a couple ladies who were more than happy to share some of their images with others!

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