About Me


          Hey! I'm Kristina, an outgoing photographer currently based in the Southern Indiana + Louisville Kentucky area. I'm an outdoor enthusiast, a plant lover, and a mother to three of the wildest little ones. Traveling makes me happy but I also crave simplicity. I can be just as happy driving around town with the windows down.  I love finding new unique coffee shops and pubs so let's get together and grab a drink at one of your favorites!

          I've spent the last two years learning and growing as a photographer with the help of some incredible workshops & mentors. I have a strong love for weddings. Particularly small, quirky weddings and elopements. The ones that stray from the traditional. My husband and I eloped on a rock in the forest, which only fueled my love for the intimacy of tiny vow exchanges. I like marriage-focused, life changing love.

          I am a people person and by that I mean I love all the uniqueness of everyone I encounter. I however am also very awkward and when I get nervous, I ramble. When I'm photographing people I tend to say things like "YAS!". I'm not sure if thats a good thing but when I feel it I just go for it because feelings is what it's all about, right? I know I won't be the photographer for everyone, that's okay! I want a connection with you and when you see your images I want you to freakin' feel things too! So when you're ready,

 Image By  The Hatches

Image By The Hatches

 Image by Joshua Sellers with  Kristina Sellers Photography

Image by Joshua Sellers with Kristina Sellers Photography